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Peter's Church Southport

Come and be part of something really special. At St Peter's Church Southport, we are more than just a church, we are a community of people who come together to worship, learn, share & give in the name of God.

Every day our church hums with church services, baptisms bible studies, weddings, funerals, fundraisers, concerts and so much more. Come and join our loving community of younger single professionals, loving families and active seniors and meet your new family under God.

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If your planning on visiting St Peter's for the first time, here are some helpful hints

Service Times


  • 7.00am
  • 9.30am
  • 5.45pm


  • 10am


  • 12pm (noon)

What We Do

If its your first time and you don't know what to expect you can find out more on our I'm new page

Parishioners leave St Peter's Church after midnight mass on Chrismas Eve
St Peter's Church Gold Coast After Evening Service
St Peter Church and Parish Centre. Located in Nerang Street Southport
St Peter Church and Parish Centre.

A little bit of history

Allow me to tell you a little about our Church and its history:

The Parish of St Peter’s, Southport had its formal beginnings as a new parish in 1886. Despite inclement weather, scant resources and poor roads, the first church of St Peter was built in 1886. From there the church and the parish have grown.

The Church we currently worship in was built in 1960 as a Memorial Church to the fallen in World War II and all those who had gone before as pioneers in earlier generations. We are very fortunate to have a number of useful rooms and offices, with the Parish Centre opened in 1998 and Moore House (currently utilized by Anglicare) in 2005. All of this contributes to a parish that ‘hums’! There are always activities taking place and we are very pleased to be able to offer support to groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and the Stroke Association. Ballet groups, Playgroups and Karate club groups are also keen users of our wonderful facilities.

The Church itself runs events and fundraisers all year round, including men's groups, women's groups, fashion shows, classical music concerts, lunches and breakfasts. There is always something going on at St Peter's.

We are especially proud of our outdoor areas—including a delightful children’s play area and the outdoor worship space (the Lorraine Garrett Garden.).

Additionally, St Peter’s is blessed with a number of beautiful stained glass windows. The group of eight windows below are the work of Bill Klease, a (now retired) stained glass artist based in Murwillumbah, NSW. Bill’s work has a distinctive style, with special attention paid to facial detail.  He describes his own style as ‘almost medieval.’

St Peter's Church parishioner gather

What our people say

In a time of my life where I am always rushed or have an email to follow up on, it’s rare for me to find a time and place where I can just relax and centre myself again. However, as I sit in the pew at St Peter’s Church in Southport on a Sunday morning, looking at the amazing stain glassed windows as I listen to the sermon, a feeling of being centred, and connected to God washes over me and I feel ready to start again for another week.

Craig Parker – St Peter’s Church Parishioner

St Peter’s Church Southport is your quiet place in the city. We pride ourselves on our beautiful grounds, and an amazing church building. While our church services follow the classic Anglican style in a very cathedral like building, we enjoy wonders of technology as well. All our buildings are Air Conditioned, we share our news on our Facebook and website.