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How To Get Involved

St Peter's church is a thriving community of volunteers and events. That is the way we like it! Every day we have people helping us with small jobs, that help achieve great things locally. We are truly blessed.

If you want to get more involved in the church you can join in some of our amazing events, which be found on our "whats on"page. You can also volunteer to help around the church.

Below are few ways you can help:

Saturday working b. Every Saturday morning starting at 7 am, we have small working bee, where we tidy up the grounds, fix up parts of the church and take care of general maintenance.

Parish council. The parish council helps the church move forward, by sharing ideas and bring them to life.

Serving at a church service. Have you ever noticed all the people up the front during a church service? they aren't there by accident. They all have a role to play. Why not give it a go.

Take collection. During every service, we take a collection plate around to collect donations. A very simple way to start getting more involved.

Readings. During our service, we always have readings. Traditionally, someone from the congregation always reads a few bible verses. If you can read a few bible verses out loud, then it's an awesome way to share the word of God.

Be A Counter. Every week people donate physical money to the church. All that money needs to be counted and banked. It only takes an hour or so on a Monday morning.

Join some events. St Peter's constantly runs bible, concerts, so many other events. Why not find an event and come to it.

Help at funerals and weddings. The church holds a number of funerals and wedding every year. Many of these need catering and other odd jobs done. These events provide an opportunity to show off our church to new people. Why not help St Peter's shine for visitors to our church.

A few other Odd Jobs 

  • Greeter for church services
  • Our tea and coffee after the service
  • Some to sit in the church so we can open it to the public during the week
  • Cleaning
  • Flower arrangers

There are so many chances to serve our community and church. If you are interested in helping out, please let our contact us by phone or email. We are sure we can find a way to use your skills and it will make a difference to use.


Isaiah stained Glass window at ST Peters Anglican Church Sourhtport

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